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DC 315

DC 315 applied over Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), is an Alternative Barrier System in “Section 2603.9 Special Approval” as a thermal barrier. DC 315 has been tested and approved for use over certain Foamsulate systems.

Foamsulate 1000

Foamsulate 1000 is our highest density insulating system we offer. Like Foamsulate 600 this system is popular for use in the agricultural, livestock and poultry industries.

Flame Seal TB

Flame Seal TB™ Fire Retardant has been certified multiple times as both a Thermal and Ignition Barrier Coating over the majority of foam brands available. The product is a two-part system and is packaged in easy to use containers to facilitate the smooth application of the coating.

Foamsulate 600

Foamsulate 600 is a 6.0 pcf density closed cell insulating material. This system is popular for use in the agricultural, livestock and poultry industries.

GE SCM 3500

GE SCM3500 is a high solids silicone roof coating is a high performing protective barrier for a variety of architectural surfaces and roofing substrates.

GE SCM 3400

GE SCM3400 silicone roof coating is a liquid applied one part silicone coating that is an excellent candidate to consider for use in roofing applications as the weathering coat over a variety of roofing materials including spray applied polyurethane foam, water-borne coatings (acrylic), PVC membranes, and galvanized/coated metals.

PremiSeal 305

PremiSeal 300 & 305 at 3.0 pcf are our most durable roof surfaces, designed for use as a spray foam roofing system in commercial, industrial and institutional construction applications.

PremiCote FG

PremiCote FG is intended for use as a flashing material for most substrates and sealer for fasteners and seams in metal roofing applications. It has excellent adhesion to many substrates including polyurethane foam, concrete, masonry, PVC, metal and primed wood.

PremiCote WP12

PremiCote WP12 is intended for use as a wash primer for aged EPDM surfaces. Excellent adhesion will be achieved over aged EPDM.

PremiCote P81

PremiCote P81 is a multi-purpose, thixotropic, easy spreading primer. adheres well to most TPO membranes, metals, organic polymers, wood, masonry and vitreous surfaces.

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